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Sub Acute Rehab

Who needs short-term recovery care?

Short-term recovery residents may stay somewhere like Ridgeland Nursing and Rehab because they need skilled nursing services, and therapy and rehabilitation, for the duration of their recovery following surgery, an injury or illness.

There are a number of scenarios—such as a stroke, broken bone or hip surgery—in which older adults might need short-term recovery before transitioning home. A Skilled Nursing Facility like Ridgeland Nursing and Rehab, provides seniors with the 24/7 care they need, allowing them to stay safe while they recover their strength.

During their stay, short-term residents will undergo therapy and rehabilitation, and at the end of their stay, they will return home and go back to living independently, or with some assistance.

A short-term stay in a place that offers inpatient therapy and rehabilitation services, such as Ridgeland Nursing and Rehab, can give seniors the support they need as they heal and regain their strength. Having help available 24/7 for a few weeks to a few months can speed healing and improve long-term recovery.

Additional Resources

Admission to a nursing home for short-term recovery will require the recommendation of a physician. Contact us for more information about the admissions process at Ridgeland Nursing and Rehab